Top 10 Car Accessories Gadget 2023

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Car Accessories Gadget 2023

The real utility of the car is not only its speed but also the features and accessories included in it make its utility meaningful. In today’s competitive age, vehicle manufacturing companies do not include many accessories in the stock model to keep the price of their cars to a minimum. But it’s not that you can’t use those accessories.

The trend of online shopping is growing very fast today. You can also buy 10 of the best accessories from online shopping sites that are very useful. These top 10 accessories make your car beautiful as well as convenient. Most importantly, they cost less than Rs.9,00. So let’s know which are the accessories

Top 10 Car Accessories Gadget 2023
Top 10 Car Accessories Gadget 2023

Car tyre inflator air compressor pump : This is also a very useful accessories. Everyone likes to go on a long drive. But sometimes the wheels of your car are suddenly cheated during long drives. This tyre inflator pump can help you a lot. It costs only Rs.599.

Electric Coffee Mug 12V For Car : Sipping coffee while driving makes your journey even better. But sometimes when you leave your house with coffee, it cools down on the way. In this case you can use this electric coffee mug. Which will keep your coffee warm all the time. It costs only Rs.529.

Car LED Foot-Floor Strip: You can use LED lights to give the interior of your car a premium look. You can buy this LED foot floor strip online which is installed in the floor and leg room of the car. It is available in different colors you can choose colors according to the interior of your car. It is priced at only Rs 589 on online shopping sites.

Projector Headlamps : An old car with halogen headlamps can be replaced with projector headlamps. This will definitely improve visibility during night drives as well as give the car a more premium feel. A set of projector headlamps ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.

Alloy Wheels : A new of alloy wheels for your car can completely change your car. But one thing you need to keep in mind here is not to change the size of the wheel as it can damage the suspension settings of the car in the long run. New designs and dark-colored alloy wheels will definitely make your car more muscular and stronger. Alloy wheel wheels you will get around Rs 3,500 to Rs 15,000 per piece.

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